Usage instructions Forte Love

Rules of admission

In one package you can see not one packet, which is the daily norm. This tool should be taken occasionally. But when you need to regularly be in the form of, or is necessary to eliminate the symptoms of menopause, then the pathogen is drunk daily. But before you start treatment with this drug, you should visit the doctor to rule out contraindications and disease.

The use of funds should take place 10 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Everything is in one bag, you need to pour into any non-alcoholic beverage. Such a fluid is consumed with a meal.

It is forbidden to drink more than the daily requirement. Otherwise, you may encounter an overdose.

If a woman regularly uses the tool, then you need to accept every day for 2-3 weeks. If you pass this course, you can normalize hormones, improve libido.

Indications for use Forte Love

To use this invasion should be the females, which decreased the sensitivity of erogenous zones. The tool will help, if a woman is poorly excited. This problem often occurs if was a difficult birth, hormone disruption, surgery, the onset of menopause. In addition, you should pay attention to the drug to those who can not achieve orgasm. Forte Love is often prescribed as a complementary agent in the treatment of infertility.

If a woman suffers from vaginal dryness, then this agent also will help. It is used to boost libido, which is decreased due to stress or fatigue.

Forte Love, reviews confirm this, helps women during menopause. This period is often sick and dizzy, disturbed hormonal balance, not enough natural lubrication, but from these symptoms can be eliminated using the same pathogen. In addition, it is possible to protect yourself against a variety of diseases associated with the reproductive system.

Contraindications to the use of Forte Love

There are some contraindications that must be considered.

From tools is to give in such situations:

Experts advise not to use the drug during menstruation. Otherwise, you may increase the selection, the woman will feel discomfort. If the body has inflammation, then you need to be careful. Also caution needs to consider taking the causative agent for those who have diseases of vessels and heart.

If a woman has a stomach ulcer, she had just suffered a heart attack, a stroke or surgery, then the media also should abandon.


If a woman ignores the rules of use of the drug and increase the dose, then it may face the overdose. In this case, her health to deteriorate significantly.

Overdose often manifest these symptoms:

If there are such signs, should stop taking the drug. Then you need to go for medical help. It is understood that the person may harm himself if there is uncontrolled use of the causative agent.

Forte Love can help women to improve intimate life, but you need to properly take the drug. If done correctly, then you can enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner.